It's time for child care for all - Des services de garde √©ducatifs pour tous

Our Story

Founded in November 2019, Child Care Now (Ottawa) is the Ottawa chapter of Child Care Now, Canada’s progressive voice in the fight for universal child care and decent and dignified work for those working in child care.

We fight for:

  • Access to comprehensive, high-quality, and affordable childcare for all residents of Ottawa regardless of income, national origin, immigration status, language, racial or ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, dis/ability, and/or religious background
  • A universal, inclusive, and public childcare system providing a range of child care services for young and school age children
  • Decent work, wages, and working conditions for those working in child care
  • The elimination of racism, colonialism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ablism, and all forms of oppression from our organization and all struggles we act in solidarity with
  • The centering of those voices most excluded from the current power structures in our society