It's time for child care for all - Des services de garde éducatifs pour tous

As parents and educators, we know about temper tantrums. We know about loud noise that is designed to annoy. We know all about pooping in inappropriate places. These are tactics that young children make use of, and they are theatrics. 

But the adults in the downtown of our city are using theatrics to promote hate, intimidate residents, and organize against the collective actions — masking and vaccination — that we use to take care of each other. 

As parents, educators and allies, we strongly condemn the convoy and the police who continue to enable it. 

The pandemic has put a lot of stress on families with young children and on the child care programs that welcome them. Parents and educators, exhausted from a lack of support, child care and school closures, now have to watch schools and child care centres close again, and their children suffering the assault this convoy has brought to our neighbourhoods. 

We continue to take care of each other as best we can, and organize to build a child care system that is affordable and accessible. 

We continue to advocate for decent wages for child care workers, safety for frontline workers during a deadly pandemic, and stable funding for child care programs. 

We will keep on taking care of each other, and it is hard work. 

We are tired and annoyed and have had enough of the disruptions to our child care centers and schools, to our public transit, city streets, and to our much needed night’s sleep. We have had enough of the theatrics.

Child Care Now – Ottawa condemns the ongoing occupation in Ottawa and the police that have facilitated it, the public displays of racist symbols and neo-nazi imagery, the aggressive homophobic,misogynistic and racist behaviour, and the intimidation of our neighbours and children.

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