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See you at the November 30 Day of Action!

Make sure to register below and sign up for support roles – and wear polka dots!

Register for the November 30 Day of Action for the ECE Workforce! Inscrivez-vous à la journée d action le 30 novembre pour EPE !

Register to let us know you'll be at the Glebe Parents' Day Care on November 30 at 9:00AM to fight for dignity and justice for ECEs!Inscrivez-vous pour nous faire savoir que vous serez au Glebe Parents' Day Care le 30 novembre à 9h00 pour lutter pour la dignité et la justice pour les EPE!
    A CCNO organizer will be in touch / Un organisateur de UEUP vous contactera

POSTERS – Put them up in your child care centre, neighbourhood, or workplace!

These work best if they’re big! Try and print them 11×17, in colour, and put them up in well travelled areas

Note – we can arrange to have posters delivered to you if you can’t print them. Just register above and a CCNO organizer will be in touch!

Main Event Poster

Poster – 2 out of 3 ECEs work more than one job to make ends meet

Poster – After an average of 3 years, ECEs are forced to quit due to lack of decent work

Poster – Half of ECEs in Ontario make less than $20/hour

Poster – Programs need full and sufficient funding to meet true per diem costs now

Can’t make it on November 30? Here are some things you can do in the meantime!

  • Sign the petition to different levels of government to demand action for better pay, better quality, and better access
  • Use this one-click tool to write your MPP and tell them that ECEs and child care workers deserve decent work and pay including a salary scale.
  • Check out these additional resources to help you pressure decision-makers before the big day